Expository essays are the division of essay writing that allows a writer to express their views or understanding of a specific idea, issues, or concept. Unlike most essay types, the writer has to base the contents of his writing on facts hence the need for citations in this type of essay. Expository essays look to call the attention of readers to a subject matter, mostly societal or aim to clarify them to readers. The writer has to sum up the main arguments which make up the greater percentage of the body, and state they view or provide solutions to these arguments in the closing paragraphs of their paper.

In educational institutions, especially at the tertiary level, tutors give out a variety of expository essay topics to students in a bid to evaluate their powers of conducting precise research. Topics for an expository essay are not conjurings links most of its other essay counterparts, therefore making them ideal for evaluating research prowess of a scholar.

10 Topics For An Expository Essay You Can Write On

Before starting any essay, a writer will need to have a genuine interest in the essay’s topic. This will facilitate a smooth and quality essay writing. Topics for an expository essay include the following.

Religious Tolerance 

  • What role does religion play in influencing individual political views?
  • How much influence does religion have over the institution of marriage?
  • Is religion’s influence over personal belief diminishing in the modern era?


  • Most women choose to remain in an abusive relationship for a long period, why is this?
  • In what ways do men experience sexism in our modern society?
  • Does sexuality influence an individual’s political views?
  • Publicized instances of sexism in the past decades
  • Legislations which have loopholes that allow sexism to go unchecked

Racial Abuse 

  • Discuss ways individuals unintentionally commit acts of racism

World Issues

  • Instances where the breakdown in relationships between countries indirectly lead to the development or fall of a technological powerhouse.

Greenhouse Effects 

  • How do everyday actions contribute to greenhouse emissions in our society?

Human Dependency On Technology

  • How does human dependency on technology affect the ecosystem?
  • Is there a link between man’s dependency on technology and his educational structure?

Discoveries In The World Of Science 

  • Which gadget do you think the world would be better off without?
  • In a society where direct competition has lead to high technological advancement, give instances where indirect competition has also led to a similar effect.

Cultures Around The World

  • Which foreign culture would you like to incorporate into yours?
  • Which country would you like to spend your childhood in as opposed to your hometown

Literary works, Arts, and Music 

  • Which work of art do you think would be listed as a wonder of our present society in the next millennium?
  • How much influence does pop music have over religious beliefs if any?
  • Which fictional character from a work of literature do you believe would make a great leader and why?

Great Achievements, Historical Or Upcoming Events, And Great Individuals

  • Which historical event do you believe to have greatly shaped the society we now live in and why?
  • Which time era do you think man come close to experience the fabled World Peace?

How To Go About Writing On Topics For Expository Essay

When you have obtained the topics for an expository essay, here’s a guide on how to go about writing them.

Write out the steps involved in completing your paper

Outline the steps or stages you plan on using to execute your write-up. This not only makes writing your expository essay clearer and easier but also helps you keep tabs on your progress. Your outline should be as simplified as possible to facilitate easy monitoring.

Conduct extensive research

Research is an integral part of all topics for an expository essay. Your arguments would not be credible and may appear not to hold water if they are not backed up by factual events. Make ample and extensive research while noting their sources. Conducting surveys as an inclusion in your data gathering is also a welcome idea when writing expository essays. After gathering your data, order them into arguments, and proceed with your essay.

Capture the mind of readers with your introduction

An introduction that’s both compelling and thought-provoking is often the foundation of every great essay. You have to sum up the aim of your write-up in your premise. You can also place one of your key arguments if not the most important in this section of your essay.

Getting to write an on topics for an expository essay relies on the writer’s interest. The topics provided are not set in stone, so this allows you a high level of creativity. The topics help guide you in coming up with ideas that would prick your interest.